Stuart McNamara Whiskey Blogger

Editor of IrishWhiskey.Com, the Irish Whiskey Trail and the Scottish Whiskey Trail and websites

Stuart McNamara is an Irish born Whiskey Blogger, Broadcaster and Pod Caster.

Stuart is the editor of several Irish Whiskey and International whiskey websites including Whiskey Blogger .Com, IrishWhiskey.Com, The Irish Whiskey Trail, The Dublin Whiskey Trail , The Irish Whiskey Way and IrishWhiskey.Pub.

In the Scotch Whiskey world, Stuart is the editor of HaigWhisky.Com,The Scottish Whisky Trail and The Edinburgh Whisky Trail.

And in the international whiskey world, Stuart is editor of Whiskey Blogger .Com.

Stuart is currently developing Whiskey Trail sites in Japan and India and will also be launching a whiskey Podcast site later this year at Whiskey Pod .Com.

Stuart is also very active on Twitter with tweets about Whiskey and Whisky on @WhiskeyBlogger and also @IrishWhiskeyCom and @HaigWhisky.

Follow Stuart on  Social Media @WhiskeyBlogger.

His Facebook Page is

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